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Return to Rohwer

By William J. Hughes, Photos by Jesse Vasquez

MasakoMy friend Masako lives in Oak Park here in Sacramento.  Maybe you know her.  She used to own Masako’s Café next to Tapa The World on J Street.  She and her then husband Sal Yniguez owned a few coffee houses/cafes here in Sacramento City in the 60s. Read more »

Musical Chairs

MattMatt K Shrugg is a one-dude tour de force.  He plays in far too many bands to list here (including several with MidMo contributors), has created promo illustrations for pretty much anything to do with music in Sacto, has won the SNR’s ‘Best Drummer’ Sammie Award three years running, produces the brilliantly erratic rock n’ roll zine th’ Swingin’ Creeper, AND keeps up at least three separate myspace accounts.   He has released three solo records so far this year and is currently at work on his debut album.   He’s 26. Read more »

Alameda Daytrip

Pampered PupWhen you think about heading for the Bay Area you probably think of San Francisco foremost, and then maybe you’ll make a side trip to the Gourmet Ghetto in Berkeley, or to Chinatown in Oakland, but have you ever thought about spending the day in Alameda? Alameda is sunny, cheap, and friendly, and you won’t have to wait in line or spend an hour trying to find parking. Read more »

Dance Party

by Niki Kangas  photos by Jesse Vasquez

He’s quite an articulate man, so I’ll let Ron Cunningham, co-director of the Sacramento Ballet for the last 21 years, say it himself: “Old-fashioned, European, white, dusty, museum… all those kinds of adjectives are what most people often associate with ballet, but contemporary ballets like ours… Read more »

Outside the clusterf*** of elbowing Midtowners…

are some other pretty great things going on tonight for Second Saturday. To add to Liv’s list of suggestions (see below), I offer this pair of consecutive events:

Also, Atelier is celebrating its first anniversary tonight (they’re on 16th between P and Q St), stop by and say congratulations and buy some Christmas loot!

Of course, the population dense Midtown grid does offer a ton of free options for those who are looking for swarms of spectators to mingle with. Please be sure to read Liv Moe’s 2nd Sat Picks below!

2nd Sat picks!

Too much to do this 2nd Sat? Need a pre chosen route to take the guess work outta where to go? Look no further:

Home for the Holidays: a Benefit for St. John’s Shelter for Women and Children at the Center for Contemporary Art Sacramento is a wonderful show. The houses are incredibly inventive and the group effort between donated materials and time invested through the local arts community is quite moving.

Dave Lane

While you’re at the Center check out Sacramento Cross Section at Axis. I’m in the show as are Gioia Fonda, Ianna Frisby, Dave Lane, and Joy Bertinuson. Suprisingly, Dave has a relatively small piece in this show which seemed to suprise everyone at the preview reception last night.

True Story: the Vans Shoe Series by Amanda Lopez is at Artifact. Midmo gave her a shout out this month as did the SNR.

Cheri Ibes is calling it quits over at BLOCK so if you’ve been missing her all this time now’s your last chance to see her space. I for one am quite sad that Cheri is pulling the plug on her 10th Street space. BLOCK provided a much needed contemporary space and a home for high caliber contemporary and experimental work. The final show at BLOCK titled If… Then will feature an installation by Cheri herself. I plan on making a concerted effort to stop by and wish her well.
Prints for sale at asbestospress.​etsy.​com
Asbestos Press

Last but not least this 2nd Sat will be the closing reception for Fig. 4 at the Verge as well as a one week only exhibit of area screen print artists. Xico Gonzalez, Black Cat Press, Matt K Shrugg, Manuel Rios, and Asbestos Press are featured in the show. This could be the perfect place to pick up some early, low-cost, Christmas presents for the art lover on your list while supporting the scene at the same time.

Tonight, tonight!

Jonathan Richman’s playing at the Blue Lamp with Daisy Spot! Doors open at 8pm, show starts at 9pm, $12 at the door gets you in. Do it!


One last reminder that the Midmo holiday FUN Raiser for Toys For Tots is SATURDAY DECEMBER 6, 6 – 9 PM at Bows and Arrows, 1712 L Street.

Bring a toy and have fun!

COMING: OBSCENE at MOBS + This and That

This Friday, Movies on a Big Screen and the Book Collector team up to bring us OBSCENE, a portrait of Barney Rosset and Grove Press.  

Grove Press was the first US publisher of some of my all-time favorite books, including Henry Miller’s Tropic of Cancer, and publisher Barney Rosset fought the good fight for freedom of expression in America.  OBSCENE is an award-winning documentary about Rosset and Grove Press, and features a laundry list of counterculture superheroes like Jim Carroll, Ed Sanders, John Sayles, etc etc etc.    MOBS unfailingly brings killer stuff to the region, and this looks like one of their best yet.  
Movies on a Big Screen is located at the corner of 4th and F Streets in WEST Sacramento.  And yes, that’s WEST Sac.
Also on tap this weekend is This and That Thrift’s annual NEW STUFF BLOWOUT.  They sit on all of their new-in-the-package donations all year, and then bring the stuff out just before Christmas.  December 6 is the day, folks– brand new stuff at Thrift Store Prices!  Get there early for best pickings!
This and That thrift is on Folsom Blvd, across the Street from Mr Pickles.

Alan Klinger Art Show!

I thought I would pass this along. My Grandpa, Alan Klinger, who taught Art for over 30 years in both Oregon and mostly in Davis, is having his art showing at Steady Eddy’s in Winters through the month of December.

If you’re in Winters this month, stop by for a meal and see some of his art! The above pieces are from his collection, although I think a lot of the art he’ll be showing is more of his experimental pieces including his “coffee and glue paintings” and the more 3-D ones.

There was a good article in one of the local papers but I can’t find it online!! Anyways, just thought I’d let you know about another local art showing!

-Heather Klinger