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Black Friday and Sara Jane and Co.


Usually I celebrate the day after Thanksgiving as Buy Nothing Day, the anti-holiday-shopping Holiday that has been pitched as a replacement for the insanity that is Black Friday.    I’m a big fan of  the idea of reclaiming the Holiday season as a time to celebrate family, friends, and faith and giving rampant consumerism a poke in the eye and Buy Nothing Day seems like a step in the right direction.
That said, this year is a lil different.  Conspicuous consumption has taken a back seat and now we’re seeing the opposite problem– lots of mom ‘n’ pop businesses are taking it in the shorts because there are no customers.   
As usual, it’s the middle way that seems the best solution.   Most of us will probably be doing some gift-shopping this year, and maybe the best resolution to keeping the spirit of the holidays while still buying that tie for Uncle ned is to spend carefully and spend where your $ counts.
In that spirit I thought I’d pass along the best shopping offer I’ve seen all year: