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November Holiday Guide

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Musical Chairs

Tim FosterTim Foster is the Publisher of Midtown Monthly.   Long before he entered the exciting world of copy editing and ad placement Foster was best known for his performances with a series of throwback garage rock bands including the Trouble Makers, the Shruggs and most recently, th’ Losin Streaks.   Inspired equally by punk rock and 1960s pop, Foster’s bands have several recurrent motifs:  three chord songs; an art school sartorial sense; vintage musical equipment; frequent injury to said equipment, band members and sometimes, the audience.  When he is not delivering magazines or learning the chords to “Happiness Runs” he tends to his small herd of Crosley automobiles (none of which are currently operational).  Read more »

Warmth of the Sun

by Dean Seavers

I’m not sure if it’s just Sacramento—or perhaps all military and government towns due to the transient nature of that kind of population—but when it comes to local pop culture history, a lot tends to get ploughed under and forgotten. By nature, pop culture is of its time and place—a snapshot vs. the sitting portrait of politics, social science and war in the realm of history. Read more »