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Breaking News!

No on 8 protest on the steps of the State Capital tonight at 7pm!!!


Tuesday night’s election party at the Press was fantastic!!!

*All pics by Jesse Vasquez
As the news first began to sink in right around 8 o’clock folks were a little reticent.

Once the election was called for Obama everyone wents nuts! When I looked around everyone had totally misty eyes, folks were screaming, and hugging. It was great!

Following the inital news phones went off all the around the room as we all started calling friends and family from out of state. Most the people I called were also at rallies so we just screamed at each other and hung up.

The speech was wonderful and elicited more tears from the crowd.

Then there was the moment we had all been waiting for… celebrating!!! Th’ Streaks played followed by the DJ stylings of Mike C.

We dance, dance, danced the night away!