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The Holiday Issue is on the street!

The Holiday Issue is (more or less) on the stands– there are a few spots left to hit tomorrow, but for the most part, it’s out there.   This issue turned out really well– I love the cover, and Part II of the Holiday Guide kicks ass!  We ran a whole page of  photos from the Prop 8 protests which tied in strangely well with Bill Hughes’ piece on Masako Yniguez’ internment during World War II.  When Jesse and I met Masako to take some pictures for the piece, she reflected on her own experiences with discrimination– she and her husband Sal were denied a marriage license in 1958 because they were of different races!   She is a great lady and Bill’s piece only scratches the surface of a very interesting life.  Good Art Picks and a couple of pieces from Becky Grunewald made this a really fun issue to put together.

Get one!


Black Friday and Sara Jane and Co.


Usually I celebrate the day after Thanksgiving as Buy Nothing Day, the anti-holiday-shopping Holiday that has been pitched as a replacement for the insanity that is Black Friday.    I’m a big fan of  the idea of reclaiming the Holiday season as a time to celebrate family, friends, and faith and giving rampant consumerism a poke in the eye and Buy Nothing Day seems like a step in the right direction.
That said, this year is a lil different.  Conspicuous consumption has taken a back seat and now we’re seeing the opposite problem– lots of mom ‘n’ pop businesses are taking it in the shorts because there are no customers.   
As usual, it’s the middle way that seems the best solution.   Most of us will probably be doing some gift-shopping this year, and maybe the best resolution to keeping the spirit of the holidays while still buying that tie for Uncle ned is to spend carefully and spend where your $ counts.
In that spirit I thought I’d pass along the best shopping offer I’ve seen all year:

November Holiday Guide

compiled by Niki Kangas Read more »

Musical Chairs

Tim FosterTim Foster is the Publisher of Midtown Monthly.   Long before he entered the exciting world of copy editing and ad placement Foster was best known for his performances with a series of throwback garage rock bands including the Trouble Makers, the Shruggs and most recently, th’ Losin Streaks.   Inspired equally by punk rock and 1960s pop, Foster’s bands have several recurrent motifs:  three chord songs; an art school sartorial sense; vintage musical equipment; frequent injury to said equipment, band members and sometimes, the audience.  When he is not delivering magazines or learning the chords to “Happiness Runs” he tends to his small herd of Crosley automobiles (none of which are currently operational).  Read more »

Warmth of the Sun

by Dean Seavers

I’m not sure if it’s just Sacramento—or perhaps all military and government towns due to the transient nature of that kind of population—but when it comes to local pop culture history, a lot tends to get ploughed under and forgotten. By nature, pop culture is of its time and place—a snapshot vs. the sitting portrait of politics, social science and war in the realm of history. Read more »

Vivian Girls Tonight (Friday) at Luigi’s

Vivian Girls – In the Red’s newest buzz girls, along with Love is All and Nodzzz are playing live tonight at Luigi’s Fun Garden. Show starts at 9pm, costs you $7 bucks and is all ages.

Grab a beer, a slice of pizza and enjoy the show!

“Becky,” Cristina, Barcelona?

A few weeks back, after viewing Vicky Cristina Barcelona at Tower, I was craving tapas and red wine (and a threesome with Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz). My first thought (for the tapas) was Aioli, but anyone who has made multiple visits there will nod knowingly when I state that the experience can be pretty darn spotty. The romantic and dreamy movie had put me in such a good mood that I didn’t want to risk harshing my mellow. Read more »

November Art Picks

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The midnight march dubbed ‘Silent Night’ will happen on Wednesday night – Thursday morning. All official info can be found at

See you in the wee hours!

Midnight March!

Rachel Gregg informed us at the MidMo content meeting last night that there will be a silent March at the capital Wednesday nigh at midnight. The EQCA website has news on ongoing protest events in the coming days and weeks. In the meantime to get you fired up check out these pics from recent rallies:

Gretchen and Lisa Bender displayed their pre-prop 8 marriage license at a midtown protest the day following the election.

Photo by Mike Rafter

Last Thursday’s protest and march was HUGE!

Photo by Liv Moe


The land squids rocked some RAD protest capes.



Reading all the homemade signage was pretty sweet too.


So don’t forget!! This Wednesday night, make a sign or don’t make a sign but be sure to come out and show your support!