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Musical Chairs

Chad StockdaleChad Stockdale is one of those dudes you see all over Midtown, like 100 times a year, but you never know his name.  Then you find out that he played crazy saxamaphone in Antennas Erupt and you think, “oh, of course.”  Then later you find out that he has his own record label where he puts out records that generate ridiculously loving reviews in the indie trades, and that even hard-to-please Dennis Yudt is a fan.   All this, but you’d never know it, ‘cause he’s sorta shy and humble.  We had to bug him for a full year to do this… Read more »

Magic and Majesty

The majesty of Westminster Presbyterian Church in Midtown envelops you like a warm blanket and the music reaches out and grabs at your heart.  With the Celtic cross looking down from above the choir loft, huge chandeliers glistening overhead, and the magnificent colors of the stained glass windows flanking them, the citizens of Sacramento are offered a special treat every Wednesday of the year.  Those that take advantage of it experience the joy that is special to superb music and often leave with it residing in their hearts and souls. Read more »

Edible Crawl for a Cure

This past Saturday was the second annual Cystic Fibrosis Foundation’s Edible Crawl for a Cure. We here at Midmo would have posted a heads up about the event sooner but it sold out the day before the event. Not to worry, however, rumor has it there may just be a spring version of this good time soon to come. If you’re unfamiliar with the Crawl for the Cure it’s a one day event featuring a variety of Midtown and Downtown restaurants and cafes. For the low, low price of $35 participants get to sample food and drink at each of the stops on the crawl.

Like for instance tequila shots at Zocalo as evidenced by Holly Cleveland and Chelsea Bingham.

Or a glass of wine with some tasty little snacks in the cozy back room at 58 Degrees.

In the end close 1000 copies of Midmo hit the streets via the goody bags handed out during the event as evidenced here by Crawl Captain Donnie Black.

In conclusion, $35 for 15 or more cocktails and snacks is a screaming bargain and all proceeds go to a great cause so keep you eyes peeled for the next Edible Crawl!

yay ganglians

Even though dumb blogger will not let me upload a picture, I am happy to inform you that the Ganglians have come off their hiatus and have some shows scheduled, including one on Halloween at the Javalounge!

Lalo’s #2 is number one with me

Lalo’s #2 (there is no longer a Lalo’s #1) has a bunker feel to it, kind of like it’s the Flame Club of restaurants.  Actually, weekday Lalo’s and weekend Lalo’s are totally different things, although they both share the same limited hours, ten to six, that make it unsuitable for dinner. Read more »

Savor the Slow

“Is that a Slow Food book? That’s so trendy right now,” the sales clerk at a local book store scoffed when asked about Carlos Petrini’s The Case for Taste. Yes, it is a Slow Food book. It’s one of the many books on the market offering guidance and insight to people hoping to connect their dinner to the person who produced it. And it is trendy right now. Read more »

Wine Picks

Read more »

October Art Picks

Just a quick note at the top here that the deadline is fast approaching for submissions to the annual Crocker-Kingsley exhibition, one of, if not the, most prestigious juried shows held in Sacramento. Organizers aim for a mix of emerging and established artists, and the exhibition is Read more »

Feel the Burn

Ah, Autumn in Sacramento; an often welcome end from the hot months of summer. The sun sets a little earlier giving way to mild evenings bathed in yellow moonlight. It is no wonder that October is the quintessentialmonth for Read more »

Plan Your Weekend: Klinger’s picks for Live music!

Friday Night: Nothing People, Bad Trips (ex Monoshock), Art Lessing and Flower Vato
@ 802 Villanova Dr. in Davis, CA. 7pm. Donate some bucks. All Ages. BE RESPECTFUL.

Saturday: KDVS’ Operation Restore Maximum Freedom 6

ORMF VI lineup:

2:00- San Fransisco Water Cooler
2:45- Religous Girls
3:30- Countless Others
4:15- Hexlove
5:00- Beware of the Knight
5:45- Incaore
6:30- Ohioan
7:15- Blackblack
8:00- Traditional Fools
8:45- LSD & the Search for God

Plainfield Station, 2-10pm. All Ages.
Great burgers and cold beer!!!
There is transportation options! For more info go here.

Have a great weekend!