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October Things to Do

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The Sactorialist

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Old City Cemetery

By Emily Scott

What comes to mind when you think of history? A monotone teacher like the one in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off? If so, it’s time to get rid of that notion — especially when it comes to Old City Cemetery. “Sacramento really played a huge part in American history and the cemetery documents that,” said Lynda Walls, President of the Old City Cemetery Committee. The permanent residents of the cemetery contribute to the rich history of Sacramento. Many of them had very interesting lives. And some had even more interesting deaths. Read more »

All Aboard the Pumpkin Train

Story and photos by William Burg

Pumpkin TrainWhile it is simple enough to pick up a suitable Halloween pumpkin at the local supermarket, your annual quest for a jack o’ lantern can instead be a fun daytrip. One of the most unique places in northern California to pick your pumpkin is at the Western Railway Museum’s Pumpkin Patch Festival. Read more »


October is awesome. Make sure the moths haven’t eaten your sweaters because you will need them! I see the emergence of pumpkin patches, shorter days and ah yes, Buffalo Bill’s pumpkin ale. De-lish. Please go out and support not only the bands, but the venues who are opening their doors to live music. If at a coffee shop show- buy a cup of coffee or a tea, if at a pizza parlor- buy a slice and a drink. In these rough times every one needs a little help. And on to the article… Read more »

Banjo Banjo!

Banjo players: It’s safe to come out of the closet and start tuning up. The California Banjo Gathering is happening right here in Sacramento, October 17-19 at the Doubletree Hotel off Arden. This event seems so cool, even to me who only accepted this writing assignment in order to stick it to Dennis Yudt (see opposite page) and cause him to LOSE the review duel. Dennis had been my friend for many years Read more »

Musical Chairs

Chad StockdaleChad Stockdale is one of those dudes you see all over Midtown, like 100 times a year, but you never know his name.  Then you find out that he played crazy saxamaphone in Antennas Erupt and you think, “oh, of course.”  Then later you find out that he has his own record label where he puts out records that generate ridiculously loving reviews in the indie trades, and that even hard-to-please Dennis Yudt is a fan.   All this, but you’d never know it, ‘cause he’s sorta shy and humble.  We had to bug him for a full year to do this… Read more »

Magic and Majesty

The majesty of Westminster Presbyterian Church in Midtown envelops you like a warm blanket and the music reaches out and grabs at your heart.  With the Celtic cross looking down from above the choir loft, huge chandeliers glistening overhead, and the magnificent colors of the stained glass windows flanking them, the citizens of Sacramento are offered a special treat every Wednesday of the year.  Those that take advantage of it experience the joy that is special to superb music and often leave with it residing in their hearts and souls. Read more »