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Lalo’s #2 is number one with me

Lalo’s #2 (there is no longer a Lalo’s #1) has a bunker feel to it, kind of like it’s the Flame Club of restaurants.  Actually, weekday Lalo’s and weekend Lalo’s are totally different things, although they both share the same limited hours, ten to six, that make it unsuitable for dinner. Read more »

Savor the Slow

“Is that a Slow Food book? That’s so trendy right now,” the sales clerk at a local book store scoffed when asked about Carlos Petrini’s The Case for Taste. Yes, it is a Slow Food book. It’s one of the many books on the market offering guidance and insight to people hoping to connect their dinner to the person who produced it. And it is trendy right now. Read more »

Wine Picks

Read more »

October Art Picks

Just a quick note at the top here that the deadline is fast approaching for submissions to the annual Crocker-Kingsley exhibition, one of, if not the, most prestigious juried shows held in Sacramento. Organizers aim for a mix of emerging and established artists, and the exhibition is Read more »

Feel the Burn

Ah, Autumn in Sacramento; an often welcome end from the hot months of summer. The sun sets a little earlier giving way to mild evenings bathed in yellow moonlight. It is no wonder that October is the quintessentialmonth for Read more »