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Plan Your Weekend: Klinger’s picks for Live music!

Friday Night: Nothing People, Bad Trips (ex Monoshock), Art Lessing and Flower Vato
@ 802 Villanova Dr. in Davis, CA. 7pm. Donate some bucks. All Ages. BE RESPECTFUL.

Saturday: KDVS’ Operation Restore Maximum Freedom 6

ORMF VI lineup:

2:00- San Fransisco Water Cooler
2:45- Religous Girls
3:30- Countless Others
4:15- Hexlove
5:00- Beware of the Knight
5:45- Incaore
6:30- Ohioan
7:15- Blackblack
8:00- Traditional Fools
8:45- LSD & the Search for God

Plainfield Station, 2-10pm. All Ages.
Great burgers and cold beer!!!
There is transportation options! For more info go here.

Have a great weekend!