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Bob Wilkins movie at the Crest, Thursday Oct 30

Bob Wilkins RULED my Saturday nights when I was a kid. Creature Features was the dominant item on my weekend social schedule until I was 15 years old. I watched pretty much every crappy (and I mean crappy) horror/sci fi movie that Wilkins ran starting as soon as I moved to Sac in ’73. I lived for the movies and for the interviews with stars and local movie nerds. It was on Wilkins’ show that I first encountered Hardware Wars, which blew my pre-teen mind.

Wilkins himself was fascinating. Nerdy, with plaid sports coat, horn rim glasses and big ass cigar, he was the antithesis of cool. Somehow that made him even cooler. At least to me and my comic nerd pals. It all ended one night in 1981 when Bob announced that he was going off the air. My phone rang 30 seconds later with my friend Dane calling in shock. My parents wanted to know who the hell was calling at 11 O’Clock at night. They just didn’t understand.

Local sci fi /horror aficionado Scott Moon located Wilkins (in Reno of all places) about ten years ago and informed him that his fan base still existed. Wilkins dug up reels of old shows and Moon helped him organize and go through it all- making the best moments available to fans. Wilkins even did a few live shows, recreating his TV show format in nightclubs with guests and films. At one of these events I gave him a copy of a record my band had made, complete with a forged Bob Wilkins endorsement on the back of the sleeve. Thankfully, he laughed about it.

Watch Horror Films, Keep America Strong is a new documentary about Wilkins and John Stanley, the other well-known norcal Horror Show host. The film will play at the Crest this Thursday, October 30 at 7:30. Proceeds will benefit Bob Wilkins who is sadly in the later stages of Alzheimers disease. Mr. Lobo will host, and Ernie Fosselius, the director of Hardware Wars will be on hand as well.

Check it out!

Shameless Promotion of a Shameless Cry For Help

Yes, it’s true that my man Jake and I own the Javalounge on 16th and Broadway, and it’s probably a conflict of interests for me to write about it, but hey, this is a blog, so sue me. Anyway, it’s unfortunately true as well that yet another midtown business is struggling to stay afloat in our whirlpool economy- that’s us.

Fortunately, there’s enough kind folks willing to play for free to help us raise money to stick around, and it’s all going down the weekend of November 8th and 9th. That also happens to be Second Saturday weekend, and we have some great art going up too by Luara Bellini to check out.

Thanks to everyone in the community who has supported us in any way, this whole endeavor has been heartwarming and VERY educational.


Lalos, continued

Yesterday I finally got to sample the panza barbacoa from Lalo’s, when a friend (full disclosure: it was wine writer Michele Hebert, perhaps she will post about it, too)hosted a brunch at which she served barbacoa and consomme that she got there.  I read online (so I could be mistaken), that panza is the organ meats of the lamb, including sweetbreads, lungs, intestines, heart, stuffed into the stomach with spices and cooked.  It was great, not gross or disturbing at all.  A friend here from out of state asked me if I had trouble resisting the urge to eat at Lalo’s every day, and indeed I do.

Bloody Marys were also served at the brunch, and my boyfriend invented the Lalo’s Bloody Mary.  He took the Bloody Mary base and added some of Lalo’s delicious green salsa and some of the consomme broth.  There were bits of cilantro and onion within the drink. He is a genius.

October Things to Do

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The Sactorialist

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Old City Cemetery

By Emily Scott

What comes to mind when you think of history? A monotone teacher like the one in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off? If so, it’s time to get rid of that notion — especially when it comes to Old City Cemetery. “Sacramento really played a huge part in American history and the cemetery documents that,” said Lynda Walls, President of the Old City Cemetery Committee. The permanent residents of the cemetery contribute to the rich history of Sacramento. Many of them had very interesting lives. And some had even more interesting deaths. Read more »

All Aboard the Pumpkin Train

Story and photos by William Burg

Pumpkin TrainWhile it is simple enough to pick up a suitable Halloween pumpkin at the local supermarket, your annual quest for a jack o’ lantern can instead be a fun daytrip. One of the most unique places in northern California to pick your pumpkin is at the Western Railway Museum’s Pumpkin Patch Festival. Read more »


October is awesome. Make sure the moths haven’t eaten your sweaters because you will need them! I see the emergence of pumpkin patches, shorter days and ah yes, Buffalo Bill’s pumpkin ale. De-lish. Please go out and support not only the bands, but the venues who are opening their doors to live music. If at a coffee shop show- buy a cup of coffee or a tea, if at a pizza parlor- buy a slice and a drink. In these rough times every one needs a little help. And on to the article… Read more »

Banjo Banjo!

Banjo players: It’s safe to come out of the closet and start tuning up. The California Banjo Gathering is happening right here in Sacramento, October 17-19 at the Doubletree Hotel off Arden. This event seems so cool, even to me who only accepted this writing assignment in order to stick it to Dennis Yudt (see opposite page) and cause him to LOSE the review duel. Dennis had been my friend for many years Read more »