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September Things to do

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Down on the Corner

By Guphy Gufstafson

WallpaperIn August my thoughts turn to ice cold beer…. But honestly, my thoughts are always on ice cold beer. What better place to get your fix than the local corner store? Most carry the same things: trucker hats, incense, novelty lighters, 30 different kinds of lottery tickets, one kind of toilet paper, one kind of cat food, a selection of alcoholic beverages and cigarettes and most importantly, popsicles. Each store, like each of us, is special in its own way.  Read more »

Hot August Knights

By Mike Blanchard

BertolucciEver since cars became available to the masses, there have been those who wanted to distinguish their cars from the crowd.  Some wanted to emulate their racing heroes and their favorite racecars– thus the hot rod was born . Some wanted to show more style than the other guys at the Drive-in and attract more girls– thus the custom was born .  Most people outside of the car enthusiast community would be surprised to know that in the thirties, forties and fifties, Sacramento was one of the centers of the custom car world.  Read more »

RED HEROINE (1929) – Crest Kung Fu

For weeks I have been practically salivating at the thought of seeing Red Heroine, a 1929 Chinese Kung Fu epic that screens at the Crest on Tuesday. Here’s the trailer:

The film looks fantastic, sort of a silent era Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, but making it even better is the chance to see it with live musical accompaniment from the Devil Music Ensemble. this is the sort of event that I usually have to drive up to the Pacific Film Archive to see, so I’m STOKED that it’s happening right here on the grid.

Film shows at 7:30– I’ll be the one eating a bag of popcorn bigger than my head.