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Southern Comfort

I always have you, my loyal readers, in mind, so on a recent trip to Nashville, I selflessly endeavored to eat the maximum amount of barbecue and Southern food that was humanly possible within a three day period. I ate pulled pork until I pulled a jaw muscle, I ate grits until I gritted my teeth in exhaustion, and I ate fried green tomatoes until I turned green in the face. Read more »

Wine Picks

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How Sweet It Is?

Picture this: it’s the second Saturday of the month and you’re in Midtown. The streets are alive with people eating, shopping, drinking and visiting galleries. A quick ten-block stroll might take you 30 minutes or more to complete because of the sheer mass of bodies on the street and suddenly you wonder to yourself, ‘can this really be Sacramento?’ Read more »

summer lunch, makes me feel fine

The farmer’s market is a real inspiration this time of year, and with the influx of peppers of all kinds (including the lightly bitter gypsy peppers that Rick Mahan loves to put on the menu at the Waterboy), it’s the perfect time to make peperonata. Peperonata is a versatile pepper dish that can be served with pasta are as an antipasto with bread and other good stuff. First, chop up a buttload of peppers. Next, chop an onion, and saute it briefly in a 1/4 cup of olive oil with red pepper flakes and 3 anchovies. Add the peppers and cook covered on medium-low heat for about 40 minutes. Take off the heat and add some balsamic and salt and pepper to taste. Best eaten at room temperature and can keep for a while.
I made this, pasta, grilled summer squash, and some Morant’s sausage for a late summer lunch. I drank it with a Muscadet (it went OK, not great, I could have picked a better wine with this, but I felt like drinkin’ it).

Nobunny + Wax Mueseums Live on KDVS tonight

If you missed NOBUNNY and the WAX MUSEUMS yesterday at Luigi’s Fun Garden, they will both be playing live tonight on KDVS Radio on DJ Rick’s show. Catch them at 10pm on 90.3 fm or stream online at