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The NEW Midtown Monthly blog!


Welcome to the new Midtown Monthly blog.  We’ve been meaning to get a blog up for, oh, a year and half or so, and finally we’re here.   
Why a Midtown Monthly blog?
Because paper is expensive.  And because we only hit the streets once a month.  There is so much going on in and around Sacto that we’ve have been unable to cover, either because we didn’t have the print space, or because our press time would make coverage irrelevant.  We’re hoping that the Midtown Monthly blog will allow us to get around those constraints.
There’s another reason as well- we want to hear back from you.  Sure, we get Letters to the Editor sometimes, but we all know that it’s much easier to make a quick comment on a blog than to compose an ‘official’ letter.   We’re looking forward to having an interactive part of Midtown Monthly.   So, a blog.
Welcome aboard, and I’m sure we’ll talk soon.