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June Things to do

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Agent Ribbons

Agent RibbonsAsk any local musician or music aficionado around town to name their favorite bands in Sacramento right now and a list containing Th’ Losin Streaks, Hella, Two Sheds, Buildings Breeding, Pets, Dusty Brown, The Evening Episode, and, of course, Agent Ribbons will likely be produced. That last band, Agent Ribbons, has been taking the local music scene by fashionable force lately and their popularity shows no signs of slowing down. Given that these finely manicured musicians have accomplished so much while leaning exclusively on a DIY ethos is almost as inspiring as their music. Read more »

Ben Cook speaks

ben cookYou can’t throw a knife in Sacramento without hitting someone who’s heard of the dance-punk band, !!! (pronounce it Chk, Chk, Chk or Pow, Pow, Pow or any single syllable sound effect you’d like). Hailing from Sacramento, !!! has made a name for itself around the world. As !!! reinvents itself, original, band members John Pugh and Justin van der Volgen have been focusing on their new band, Free Blood. This new venture is being released on the internationally known, Rong Music record label. The elusive Ben Cook is part owner of Rong Music. He is also an internationally known DJ who has been making dance music for almost a decade. He moved here to Sacramento to finish college and to run away from his fame. Read more »

Musical Chairs

Rodney Cornelius is best known as the ‘guitarist’ for Sacto’s zebra-vestedest garage-rock band, [and MM’s publisher’s first band –ed.] the Trouble Makers. Fans of said musical ensemble probably won’t be surprised to learn that Rodney’s musical career began back in 1963 when he formed a surf band with school buddies. They might be surprised to learn that Rodney also plays the didjeridoo. Rodney may be the only person on earth to have seen The Who open for Herman’s Hermits, Ice T open for Body Count and Miles Davis open for Leon Russell. Read more »

Tyvek Q-and-A

Tyvek will be playing Delta of Venus on October 26th with the Coconut Coolouts, Nice Smile and the Bananas! This is all ages, starts at 9 pm with a $5 cover. Read more »


As I’m writing this, it’s only the middle of May and it’s nearing 100 degrees. By the time you pick up this issue, you will probably gaff at that while you stand near a magazine rack as the temperature creeps past 108. That said, we are in for a doozy of a summer. That shouldn’t stop you though from attending all the awesome shows heading our way. Load up on the sunscreen, bring lots of water and stay in the shade! This should be another summer to remember. With the dollar so weak, many bands from overseas are finally jumping on planes and heading our way. We’ve already been visited by bands from the UK and Canada, and we’ve also got Australians and New Zealanders heading our way!

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Cool “stuff” in Sacramento has a way of coming and going. The Cattle Club’s long gone, artists like Jay Howell migrate to bigger cities, and businesses such as Tonevendor move away. Fortunately for the City of Trees, UC Davis-based KDVS 90.3 FM has stood the test of time, providing our region with emerging independent music and vital public relations programing.KDVS Read more »

Ice Cream Sociability

Ricky BergerRicky Berger ranges around the small stage at Luna’s, the venerable café that has been a home to many of Sacramento’s jazz and folk acts for over a decade.  The cafe has a casual atmosphere, and Art Luna himself helped Berger arrange the microphones on stage and adjusted the PA when he wasn’t busy behind the bar.  Berger plays a number of instruments and tonight she had brought a guitar, an electric piano and a ukelele.  Testing the mic levels she briefly launches into song and the rambling audience freezes, as if caught out in a game of musical chairs.  The burst of song lasts only seconds, and the audience settles into their seats, focusing on the stage, waiting for her set to begin. Read more »

June Art Picks

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