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Sacramento students have choices

by Eve Imagine

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Sm, Md, Lg: Education

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‘Skull’ County getaway

by Tim Foster and Liv Moe

On a recent Saturday we loaded up the dog and some camping supplies and headed for Calaveras County. Less than two hours away from Sacramento, this leg of the gold country offers a seemingly never-ending series of small Gold Rush-era towns, hiking spots, swimming holes, and State Parks. Calaveras means “skull” in Spanish, and legends range widely about the origin of the name—it’s safe to say that somebody somewhere found a skull (or two) and the name stuck. Realizing that one day was not enough for the trip we decided to book a camping spot and spend the weekend in the foothills. Read more »

Home is where the smart is

by Dani Kando-Kaiser

According to the National Home Education Research Institute, an estimated 1.9 to 2.4 million American children were home educated during 2005-2006. Chances are, especially if you are a parent, you know at least one family that is homeschooling. And studies show that every year, more and more parents are choosing to be the primary educator in their child’s life. Read more »

The ma’am you love to hate

by Dan Macht

metermaidIf there’s one lesson from hanging out with six-year veteran parking enforcement officer Judith Lowe on her downtown beat, it’s this: Be cool and you just might get out of your ticket. Sometimes it is so refreshing for an officer to be treated like a person and not like a robot in uniform—for Lowe such luck occurs in about half of her interactions with the drivers she tickets—this can be grounds for a meter maid’s pardon.
“I don’t really base tickets on attitude,” Lowe said. “But if you treat me with respect I’ll be more likely to give you the benefit of the doubt and dismiss it.” Read more »

Fremont Community Gardens

by James W. Cameron

Downtown life in Sacramento is a polyglot of experiences, places, and objects. At one end of the linear scale, a delightful range of energy, beauty, exuberance; at the other, a miasma of squalor and decay. Bountiful trees line the same streets where litter accumulates and exhaust fumes hover. But there are solutions to these problems so common to cities, and at least some may be found in greenery.  A prime example is a garden just four blocks from the Capitol. Read more »

Critical Mass Transit

by Lory Gil

It was the summer of 2006. Egg-shaped bicycle pods appeared on the streets of Downtown Sacramento. No one seemed to know what the pods were or why they were there. Eventually, we discovered they were not aliens from another galaxy sent to steal our Apple-Brown Betty recipes, but part of the fast-growing, environment-friendly trend of bike taxis. Read more »

The Healing Way

by Eve Imagine

At work, Terra Lopez has a view down J Street. She sees an ordinary building, but its logo captivates her: a bear paw circumscribed by the words “Sacramento Native American Health Center.” Last fall she discovered the true meaning of holistic healing in the building with the Native American imagery. Lopez is of the Shoshone tribe, so why hadn’t she known earlier that such a place existed in Midtown? Read more »

Not Only, But Also

Lucy Puls rarely shows in Sac.  The internationally known sculptor, a longtime professor at UC Davis (and current chair of the Art Department), shows regularly in New York and San Francisco Read more »