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Geoff Tuttle Q-and-A

Geoff Tuttle is a mixed media installation artist living and working in Sacramento. He’ll be presenting control_alt_delete at Oak Park’s BrickHouse Gallery this month. I had the opportunity to check out Geoff’s studio Read more »

“If there’s one thing the world needs, it’s more homoerotic centaur art.”

skinnerEyeing Skinner’s frenetic landscapes of destruction, torment and ecstasy, it is easy to imagine the artist as a force of nature—some sort of magic human hurricane of focused intensity. Actually, the image isn’t far from the truth. Read more »

On the Road

Type “Doug Biggert” into YouTube and you will come up with an excerpt from TV5 Monde, a French network news show.  Sandwiched in with terrorist alerts and sports coverage is a report on visiting American photographer Doug Biggert and his show Hitch-Hikers.  Biggert gets more time than the terrorists. Read more »